We evaluate knowledge and performance on acceptable public health and quality assurance standards, considering physical facility elements, impact on guest contact, and delivery of expected service.

Our clients consist of:

  • Cruise Line Companies
  • Lodging Operations (Hotels, Resorts, Inns, B&B’s, and Condo-Hotels)
  • Restaurants
  • Destination Marketing Offices
We are in the business of improving crew knowledge and performance, maximizing public health performances, enhancing the guest experience, improving risk assessments, and providing that “competitive edge”.

We are The Cruise Industry Institute


  • United States Public Health, Vessel Sanitation Program
  • Fundamentals of Public Health – Orientation for New Crew Hire
  • Risk Management in Action– fundamentals of RM to be used off-line by supervisors and management
  • Public Health Service upgrade – housekeeping, food and beverage
  • Leadership/Coaching/OD interventions
  • Destination Quality Assessments – products and services


  • Customized land-based, on-line and off-line certificate training
  • Subject Matter Experts  and technicians  providing consultations, quality assessments, and appraisals
  • Video, web-conferencing, and on-line learning
  • Education Marketing services
  • Public Relations